RT93 Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor The RT93 family of temperature sensors are designed for environmentally demanding applications under normal and elevated pressure environments. The different models offer a variety of probe diameters, probe length and mounting methods. The 4 to 20 mA sensor output enables the integration into real time data acquisition monitoring systems.
Mounting Operating Pressure
None Normal
Threaded head, fixed fastener 25 MPa
Threaded head, adjustable fastener Normal
Flange, fixed fastener 2.5 MPa
Flange, adjustable fastener Normal

Probe Diameter Thermal Response
3mm 3.0 sec response
4mm 5.0 sec response
5mm 8.0 sec response
6mm 12.0 sec response
8mm 15.0 sec response

Download RT93 Data Sheet (pdf 344kb)

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