TV31 Series Current Style, PCB Mounted Voltage Transformers

TV31 Current style voltage Transformers are essentially a 1:1 primary to secondary ratio current transformer appropriate for converting primary current signals to a level suitable for printed circuit board assemblies.



TV31 ModelsInput/ OutputAccuracy/ LinearitySecondary Burden
TV31B1mA/ 1mA
2mA/ 2mA
0.1, 0.2≤ 500Ω
TV31D2mA/ 2mA0.1, 0.2≤ 150Ω
TV31E2mA/ 2mA0.1, 0.2≤ 150Ω
TV31F2mA/ 2mA0.1, 0.2≤ 200Ω

Download TV31 Brochure (pdf 559kb)

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