CTSB Split Core Current Transformer

Split-core current transformer
Application:The CTSB series of split-core current transformers are used where it is desirable that the CT (current transformer) installation does not require the disruption of the primary conductor by taking the primary conductor offline and disconnecting for installation.
The robust packaging features tight fitting mating magnetic core halves, secure closure of the current transformer after installation, and hardware to secure the position of the primary conductor within the current transformer opening window. These features insures consistent and highly accurate AC current measurement performance over the life of the current transformer installation.
The robust CTSB split-core current transformer design, manufactured in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, insures many years of defect free operation backed by a strong product warranty of 36 months


Models Input Ranges Dimensions
CTSB0203 100A to 400A 21mm (0.79″) x 31mm (1.18″)
CTSB0508 250A to 1,000A 50mm (1.97″) x 80mm (3.15″)
CTSB0512 600A to 3,000A 55mm (2.17″) x 129mm (5.08″)
CTSB0812 500A to 1,500A 80mm (3.15″) x 120mm (4.72″)
CTSB0816 1,000A to 5,000A 80mm (3.15″) x 160mm (6.30″)

Download CTSB Brochure (pdf 349kb)
CTSB InstallationInstallation instructions (664kb)

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