Toroidal, DC Leakage Current Sensors

DLS DC Leakage Current SensorThe DLS DC leakage current sensors are designed for incorporation into products used to measure DC currents at the milli-ampere level. The sensors use a “magnetic modulation” technique to measure milli-ampere level DC currents. Shielding and primary to secondary isolation provide a “noise free” secondary output signal proportional to the primary DC current.

Features: Specifications:
Model Input Range Opening
DLS-xxxC Data Sheet (605kb) 10mA to 300mA 20.0mm (0.79″)
DLS-xxxC5 50mA to 300mA 25.0mm (0.98″”)
DLS-xxxC7 50mA to 500mA 35.0mm (1.38″)
DLS-xxxC8 100mA to 1000mA 45.0mm (1.77″”)

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