Toroidal, AC Current Leakage Sensors

ALS50 AC Leakage Current SensorThe ALS AC current leakage sensors provide a highly accurate non-contact AC current leakage measurement. The sensors are designed for incorporation into products used for the measure of AC currents at the micro-ampere to milli-ampere level.
The sensors use a “zero flux” technique where a contravening magnetic field is introduced to offset the magnetic field from the primary conductor. Shielding and primary to secondary isolation provide a “noise free” secondary output signal proportional to the primary AC current.

Features: Specifications: Performance:
ModelInput Measurement RangeOpening
ALS12B Data Sheet (616kb)0.010 to 100mA12.4mm (0.49″)
ALS250.010 to 100mA26.0mm (1.02″)
ALS50 Data Sheet (592kb)0.010 to 100mA50.0mm (1.96″)
ALS75A0.050 to 500mA70.0mm (2.76″) with plastic sleeve
ALS85A0.050 to 500mA80.0mm (3.15″) with plastic sleeve
ALS100C0.050 to 500mA95.0mm (3.74″) with plastic sleeve

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