Mini Toroidal, PCB Mounted Current Transformers

TA1x11 PCB Mounted Current Transformers are compact and accurate, pin-in-hole (PIH) PCB mounted CTs offering a cost effective approach for converting AC current primary signals to a level suitable for printed circuit board assemblies.



TA ModelsInputAvailable Winding RatiosID Opening
TA11115A to 30A1:1000, 1:2000, 1:25007mm/ (0.276″)
TA13115A to 80A1:1000, 1:2000, 1:25008mm/ (0.315″)
TA14115A to 80A1:1000, 1:2000, 1:25009mm/ (0.354″)

Download TA1x11 Data Sheet (pdf 494kb)

Download Application Notes for integrating mA Current Transformers (pdf 510kb) into a circuit requiring a mV signal.

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