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TV31 Series Current Style, PCB Mounted Voltage Transformers

The Current-style AC Voltage Transformers are essentially a 1:1 primary to secondary ratio AC current transformer used to measure an AC primary voltage. The basic application design uses a current limiting resistor in series with the current transformer primary input. An I/V (current/ voltage) switching circuit is used to transform the current transformer secondary output to a signal proportional to the AC primary voltage that is at a level suitable for micro-processor-based applications. The small physical dimensions are designed specifically for integration into products which require exceptional accurate signal transformation with low phase shift while exposed to harsh environmental operating conditions.



TV31 ModelsInput/ OutputAccuracy/ LinearitySecondary Burden
(UL Recognized E466650)
1mA/ 1mA
2mA/ 2mA
0.1, 0.2≤ 500 ohms
TV31D2mA/ 2mA0.1, 0.2≤ 150 ohms
TV31E2mA/ 2mA0.1, 0.2≤ 150 ohms
TV31F2mA/ 2mA0.1, 0.2≤ 200 ohms

Download TV31B0x Data Sheet (pdf 328kb)

Download TV31 Brochure (pdf 559kb)

Download Application Note 1:1 Current Style Voltage Transformer App Note #1508 (pdf 559kb)

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