16mm Mini Split-Core Current Transformer

Application:Split-Core Current TransformerThe CTSA family of mini split-core current transformers offers fast and easy installation into existing AC electric distribution systems where space is a premium. The split-core current transformers feature a high performance magnetic core in a small physical package, providing highly accurate AC current measurement. The robust packaging features a mechanical hinge for multiple open/ close actions, tight fitting of the mating core halves and secure closure of the current transformer after installation. This feature insures consistent and highly accurate performance over the life of the current transformer.

The robust CTSA split-core current transformer design, manufactured in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, insures many years of defect free operation backed by a strong product warranty of 36 months.



Typical Models (Ferrite Core)Rated Current (Ampere)Accuracy Class
CTSA016-050A/ 0.333V or mA option50A0.5/ 1.0
CTSA016-075A/ 0.333V or mA option75A0.5/ 1.0
CTSA016-100A/ 0.333V or mA option100A0.5/ 1.0
CTSA016-130A/ 0.333V or mA option130A0.5/ 1.0
Typical Models (Silicon Steel)Rated Current (Ampere)Accuracy Class
CTSA016S-100A/ 0.333V or mA option100A0.5/ 1.0
CTSA016S-150A/ 0.333V or mA option150A0.5/ 1.0
CTSA016S-200A/ 0.333V or mA option200A0.5/ 1.0
Specifications: Physical Specifications:
Dimension mm (in)
26.0 (1.02″)25.0 (0.98″)39.5 (1.56″)10.2 (0.40″)

Download CTSA016 Data Sheet (pdf 363kb)

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