TA7761 Three Phase + Neutral Current Transformer, Motor Protection

Maximum Current Over Load
ModelRated CurrentRatioAccuracy ClassOver Load MultiplePersistence Time (seconds)
TA7761-0050A/ Option: 0.333V to 7.07V or mA50A1:2000 1:3000 1:40000.5 1.052
TA7761-0100A/ y.yyy V or mA100A1:2000 1:3000 1:40000.5 1.052
TA7761-0150A/ y.yyy V or mA150A1:2000 1:3000 1:40000.5 1.052
TA7761-0200A/ y.yyy V or mA200A1:2000 1:3000 1:40000.5 1.052
Notes: #1 – Accuracy Class achieved is dependent upon external VA secondary burden. #2 – The secondary output @ rated current for the mA secondary option is dependent upon the ratio selected. Specifications: Download TA7761 Data Sheet (pdf 402kb) Physical Specifications: Standard Sizes – Three Phase: Standard Sizes – Three Phase – DIN Rail Mounted: Standard Sizes – Single Phase:

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