CTT 600V Toroidal Current Transformer – Configuration Style L

CTT16xx16.3mm (0.64in)50.5mm (1.99in)31.5mm (1.24in)
CTT25xx25.4mm (1.0in)69.0mm (2.50in)44.5mm (1.75in)
CTT39xx (300:5 & smaller)39.6mm (1.56in)95.3mm (3.75in)27.9mm (1.10in)
CTT39xx (400:5 & larger)39.6mm (1.56in)95.3mm (3.75in)54.6mm (2.15in)
CTT52xx (500:5 & smaller)52.3mm (2.06in)108.0mm (4.25in)27.9mm (1.10in)
CTT52xx (600:5 & larger)52.3mm (2.06in)108.0mm (4.25in)54.6mm (2.15in)
CTT63xx (600:5 & smaller)63.5mm (2.50in)123.2mm (4.85in)27.9mm (1.10in)
CTT63xx (750:5 & larger)63.5mm (2.50in)123.2mm (4.85in)54.6mm (2.15in)
CTT82xx (500:5 & smaller)82.6mm (3.25in)146.0mm (5.75in)31.7mm (1.25in)
CTT1Axx (500:5 & smaller)108.0mm (4.25in)171.5mm (6.75in)31.7mm (1.25in)

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