Toroidal, DC Tolerant Current Sensors

TAD DC Tolerant Current SensorThe TAD series of DC tolerant current sensors are designed specifically for incorporation into electronic watt-hour meter applications products where the AC current or half wave rectified DC current must be accurately transformed into a current signal appropriate micro-processor based circuits. Offering exceptional accuracy and minimal phase shift, these current transformers are designed to operate in harsh operating environments.

Application: Electronics watt-hour meters that meet the IEC 62053-21, -23 standards for DC tolerant current transformers.
Features: Specifications:
ModelRated InputSecondary @ RatedOpening
TAD014-05(20)A-2mA5A (20A maximum)2mA5.0mm (0.197″)
TAD014-10(40)A-4mA10A (40A maximum)4mA5.0mm (0.197″)
TAD016-10(60)A-4mA10A (60A maximum)4mA9.5mm (0.374″)
TAD016-20(80)A-8mA20A (80A maximum)8mA9.5mm (0.374″)
TAD020-20(100)A-8mA20A (100A maximum)8mA13.5mm (0.531″)
TAD020-20(120)A-8mA20A (120A maximum)8mA13.5mm (0.531″)
TAD022K-20(80)A-8mA20A (80A maximum)8mA8.0mm (0.315″)

TAD22K DC Tolerant Current Sensor

Download TADxx DC Tolerant Current Transformer Brochure (pdf 1,155kb).

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