72mm Opening AC Current Transducer

Current Transducer The HAT-C11 family of AC current transducers are designed for incorporation into system applications used for AC electric power measurement and/ or AC electric power quality monitoring. The AC current transducer converts the AC primary current into a representative secondary DC analog output signal suitable for interfacing with analog input monitoring computer systems.
The robust HAT current transducer design, manufactured in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, insures many years of defect free operation backed by a strong product warranty of 36 months.

Features: Performance:
Typical Models (“yy” is the desired secondary output option)Rated Primary Current (Ampere)Measurement Range
HAT-1000C11Syy1000A0 to 1200A
HAT-2000C11Syy2000A0 to 2400A
HAT-3000C11Syy3000A0 to 3600A
NOTE:HAT can be configured for any other AC primary current within the operating range.


Download HAT-C11 Brochure (pdf 243kb)

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