High Voltage Cable Fault Locator

The T-903 Cable Fault Locator is designed for the high voltage ( < 35 kV ) cables used by the electric utility industry. Enclosed in an impact resistant enclosure, this battery operated instrument is suitable for the harsh operating environments typically encountered by the electric utility technician. The T-903 is able to calculate distance to fault for;

The instrument has two(2) modes of operation; The LV Pulse Reflection (Time Domain Reflectometry – TDR) and the Impulse Current. The basic technique of either of these modes is that an electrical pulse is transmitted down the cable that is under test. Should the pulse encounter a Fault condition, an echo pulse is reflected back to the initiation point. By timing the period from the release of the initial pulse to the return of the echo pulse, the distance to fault can be calculated. By analyzing the shape of the echo pulse, the type of Fault can be determined.


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