EnvidasFW – Universal Data Acquisition Software The advantages of the EnvidasFW system are;
  • Hardware flexibility, reducing acquisition and support costs.
  • Direct serial communications with an every expanding suite of instruments used for air quality and meteorological applications.
  • Ability to co-host EnvidasFW, third party and/ or user developed applications.
  • Open data architecture and interoperability.
  • Operates under MS Windows 98/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
  • SQL database.
  • Handles up to 64 data input channels.
  • Dynamic display of instantaneous values in engineering units, raw values, and/or as a result of a mathematical calculation.
  • Remote access for upload download of configuration, calibration, current measurements, etc.
  • Automatic calibration correction and control via relays or calibrator/ analyzer serial commands.
  • Extensive suite of data reporting capabilities.

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