SCADA Products

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system products.

DSA U600 Network Portal – Used to integrate legacy field devices into modern data communication networks.

DSA U800 Field Device Gateway – Used to give modern control systems convenient access to a wide variety of remote data gathering equipment without involving them in the details of device behavior and communication protocols.

DSA U620 RTU – Used as an intelligent field device, the Remote Terminal Unit has many modern features that make it one of the most user friendly RTUs available. The U620 supports many modern and legacy data communications protocols and was designed to meet the EPRI requirements for a basic RTU.

DSA U1000 Host Simulator – Used emulate a host supervisory control and data acquisition system, the U1000 allows the User to issue all supported message types and display the contents of the response(s) from the intelligent field device in an easy to read and interpret format.

DSA SIM Director – Used emulate a network of intelligent field devices in communication with a host supervisory control and data acquisition system. The SIM Director can be configured to emulate multiple data communication channels, multiple data communication protocols, literally hundreds of intelligent field devices. An excellent tool for SCADA system load and event scenario testing and SCADA system operator training.

Many of our products can be designed and manufactured to meet the specific application requirements. For a no obligation technical evaluation, contact us with your specific performance requirements.