Hall Effect Current Sensor, Panel Mounted, Closed-loop, 25mm Opening

HCS-C5 Hall Effect Sensor The HCS-C5 series of Panel mounted, Closed-loop, Hall Effect current sensors are designed for applications requiring the measurement of AC current, DC current and DC current pulses. The closed-loop design incorporates a second magnetic field used to offset the primary conductor magnetic field. The zeroing of the magnetic flux provides a highly accurate representation of the primary conductor current.
  • Primary Conductor opening – 25mm (0.98″)
  • Contact-less, non-intrusive current sensing.
  • DC current, DC pulse and AC current measurements.
ModelRated Current (A RMS)Measurement Range (A)Secondary Output @ Rated Current (mA)
HCS-50C550A0 to ± 100A50mA
HCS-100C5100A0 to ± 150A100mA
HCS-200C5200A0 to ± 300A100mA
HCS-300C5300A0 to ± 450A150mA
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% Nominal Current
  • Linearity: ≤ 0.1%
  • Response Time: ≤ 1µSecond
  • Offset Current (@ +25°C): ± 0.1mA maximum for primary current Inominal = 0.
  • Temperature Drift: ± 0.5mA/ °C maximum (-10 °C to +85 °C)
  • Frequency: 0 to 100kHz.
  • Dielectric withstand voltage between Primary and Secondary: 3,000V RMS @ 50HZ for 1 minute.
  • Operating Temperature: -25ºC to +85ºC.
  • Power Supply Voltage Options: ±12V, ±15V (± 5%).
  • Power Supply Consumption: 25mA plus IM (secondary output).
  • Construction:
    • Epoxy encapsulated housing.
    • Case material – UL flame retardant rating 94 V-0.
  • RoHS Compliant

Physical Specifications: HCS-C5 Drawing
Download HCS-C5 Data Sheet (pdf 610kb)

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