RT33 RTD Temperature Sensor

The RT33 family of temperature thermal resistors (RTD) are designed for environmentally demanding applications under normal and elevated pressure environments. The different models offer a variety of mounting methods, probe lengths, probe diameters. Integrated with real time data acquisition monitoring systems, the analog output provides constant temperature measurement.

ModelsTemperature ElementsMountingOperating Pressure
RT33H-Pt100SingleThreaded head, fixed fastnerNormal
RT33H2-Pt100DuplexThreaded head, fixed fastnerNormal
RT33F-Pt100SingleThreaded head, adjustable fastner10 MPa
RT33F2-Pt100DuplexThreaded head, adjustable fastner10 MPa
RT33G-Pt100SingleFlange, fixed fastner2.5 MPa
RT33G2-Pt100DuplexFlange, fixed fastner2.5 MPa

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