Current Measurement Transformers

Application: Incorporated into products used for AC electric power measurement, electric power quality monitoring, electric power metering, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), protective relays. Current transformer models are available in clamp-on, split-core or solid core configurations.


Mini Solid Core Current Transformer:TA Series of printed circuit board (PCB) mounted or lead wire mini toroidal current transformers.

Split Core Current Transformer: Current Transformer – Break-apart, stand-alone current transformer permits safe installation of the CT without disconnecting the primary current loop.

Revenue Grade Split core Current Transformer:CTSE Series of split core current transformers.

Clamp-on Current Transformer: – Spring actuated clamp-on mounting, permits temporary installation without disconnecting the primary current loop.

Current Transformer Clamp-on Current Probe: – Spring actuated clamp-on probes are designed for applications that are limited to intermittent current measurements where the wide range AC input current and frequency characteristics are a highly desirable feature – Clamp-on Current Measurement Probe Models.

Wide Operating Range Auxiliary Current Transformer:ECT Series of printed circuit board mounted transient current transformers, featuring wide over-current capabilities for transient event measurement.

AC Leakage Current Sensor:ALS Series of AC leakage current sensors measure AC currents at the micro-ampere level using the “zero flux” technique.

DC Leakage Current Sensor:DLS Series of DC leakage current sensors measures DC currents at the milli-ampere level using the “magnetic modulation” technique.

Toroidal Current Transformer:CTT Series of standalone or panel mounted current transformers.

Many of our products can be designed and manufactured to meet the specific application requirements. For a no obligation technical evaluation, contact us with your specific performance requirements.